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Cerence 推出Cerence ARK Assistant,支持更多语言的车载语音助理产品

2020年05月12日 作者 dly


马萨诸塞州伯灵顿——2020512——Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC)AI for a world in motion,今日宣布推出支持美式英语的Cerence ARK Assistant。这款全新的端到端人工智能汽车助理解决方案,集成了Cerence创新语音及人工智能技术,是基于去年12Cerence为中国市场推出的人车智能交互快速落地方案的延伸产品。未来,Cerence将陆续为Cerence ARK Assistant提供更多的地区覆盖和语言支持。

Cerence ARK Assistant在兼顾高效性能、灵活性和提供强大的车载功能的同时,将车载技术和云服务无缝结合,帮助汽车制造商快速开发、部署和管理车载语音助理。凭借Cerence二十多年来在创新、体验和服务上无与伦比的优势,Cerence ARK Assistant符合主流汽车制造商对快速落地车载语音助理的需求,大幅度缩短语音助理的开发周期,上市时间可缩短50%以上。



符合美国本地使用习惯的Cerence ARK Assistant

汽车厂商和供应商正在以前所未有的速度进行创新,以满足消费者对语音助理不断增长的需求,Cerence ARK Assistant只需进行少量的定制或优化,即可为驾驶者和乘客提供非凡的体验和内容。主要功能和优势包括:

  • 语音识别:交互一步到位提供世界领先的语音识别和自然语言理解功能,不仅识别准确率非常高,而且响应迅速

  • 语音合成:亲切自然体验通过基于神经网络的语音合成技术,以自然、人性化的合成声音为驾驶者和乘客提供沉浸式的互动车载体验。

  • 内容及服务:个性化可定制Cerence为时下最流行的领域、技能和内容服务提供支持,以打造个性化助理体验。寻找行车路线?需要找充电桩?想听最热的流行音乐?Cerence通过积累,为用户提供真正想用的内容及服务。

  • 车辆集成:实现智能座舱
    拥有超过二十年开发汽车语音助理的深厚行业经验,所以我们更懂汽车。经过验证Cerence ARK Assistant已经能与车内数百个传感器、电控系统进行无缝的集成。Cerence为汽车而生,并为所有汽车带来与生俱来的智能交互体验。

  • 数据隐私:掌控客户信息


  • 开放协作:多平台互操作目前,Cerence ARK Assistant针对Android系统开发, 同时也向LinuxQNXLG WebOS微软及华为等其他操作系统开放,实现真正的互操作性。有别于其他厂商的产品,Cerence为汽车厂商提供了选择操作系统的灵活性,摆脱了对于操作系统的强依赖。

  • 灵活及模块化的解决方案:专属车载体验汽车制造商和开发人员可以使用Cerence Studio工具,以及Cerence 世界级的专业服务团队进行方案定制,从而打造专属的车载体验


Cerence核心产品执行副总裁兼总经理Stefan Ortmanns表示:目前,车载语音助理使用量呈指数级增长,消费者的需求旺盛。我们非常自豪的推出Cerence ARK Assistant这一全新人工智能产品,帮助汽车制造商在竞争中保持领先地位,这是Cerence的一个重要里程碑。我们为汽车制造商提供端到端的创新解决方案和深厚的行业经验,并实现其产品在36个月内快速上市



Cerence Launches Cerence ARK Assistant—a Turnkey Automotive Voice Assistant—in U.S. English

New product allows automakers to quickly deploy in-vehicle voice assistants to meet growing consumer demand

BURLINGTON, Mass., May 12, 2020Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today introduced Cerence ARK Assistant, a new turnkey automotive voice assistant in U.S. English. This new product is built on Cerence voice- and AI-based innovations and expands upon the company’s initial off-the-shelf assistant for the Chinese market that launched late last year. Cerence plans to deliver the product in additional languages as well.

Cerence ARK Assistant provides OEMs the ability to quickly develop, deploy and manage an automotive voice assistant without sacrificing the performance, flexibility and breadth of capabilities that Cerence is known for. It is a turnkey product that combines in-car technology and cloud services to help automakers accelerate the time it takes to create a voice assistant. Cerence ARK Assistant fulfills a special need in the market by combining decades of innovation, experience and service into a ready-to-go assistant for mainstream vehicles—speeding time to market by 50 percent or more.

In order to stay competitive, automotive companies need to quickly deploy intelligent voice- and AI-based assistants across model years as demand for these services among drivers continues to accelerate. According to a recent report by Voicebot.ai, in-car voice assistant usage is growing in the U.S.with active users increasing approximately 15 percent in the past 15 months. Furthermore, approximately 60 percent of U.S. adults say voice assistants are a factor they consider when buying a new car, with 20 percent considering it a high priority.

“As in-car voice assistant usage grows exponentially and consumers demand access, we are proud of this milestone development of Cerence ARK Assistant to help automakers deliver robust solutions to stay ahead of their competition,” said Stefan Ortmanns, EVP and General Manager, Core Products at Cerence. “With these new packaged innovations, we offer OEMs decades of experience building state-of-the-art voice solutions, plus the agility to get to market in just three to six months.”

As automakers and suppliers are compelled to innovate at unprecedented speeds to meet consumer demand for voice assistants, Cerence ARK Assistant allows them to offer an exceptional experience and content for drivers and passengers with minimal customization or tuning.  Key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Speech recognition: Get it right the first time. 
    Gain access to the world’s premier speech recognition and natural language understanding. Out of the box, the assistant can have not only the best accuracy, but also the best completion rates.

  • Voice output: The quality speaks for itself.
    The world’s most natural, human-like voice output, known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), provides an immersive and interactive in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

  • Content and services: A concierge in your dashboard. 
    Cerence supports the most popular domains, skills and content services to deliver a personal assistant experience. Looking for directions? Need to find a charging station? Want to hear Top-40 hits? All this and more are enabled by Cerence’s deep domain expertise.

  • Vehicle integration: We know our way around a cockpit.
    Cerence has been building automotive voice assistants for more than two decades, so we know the ins and outs of vehicles. Cerence ARK Assistant is already trained to integrate with the hundreds of sensors, circuits and systems within a car. While other assistants on the market have to learn to work in an auto environment, Cerence was born for this.

  • Data privacy: Personal information is a new currency.
    Data is king in today’s information age, and there is no reason to give up personal customer information to your vendors to use for their financial gain. Cerence protects OEM and customer data and does not share it with third-party organizations.

  • Open for collaboration: We can all get along.
    Built for Android, but open to most other operating systems, Cerence ARK Assistant is truly interoperable. Rather than getting locked into a specific OS, Cerence offers OEMs the flexibility to choose the one that’s right for them—whether it’s QNX, Linux, LG, Microsoft or others.

  • Flexible and modular: Make it your own.
    OEMs and developers will be able to own the in-car experience with access to Cerence Studio tools and the Cerence world-class professional services team to guide customization efforts.




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